Unconscious defines the path of our life

If one likes something, one finds a reasons to be involved with it. Vice versa, if one irrationally dislike a subject, he or she will throw away whatever rational proofs may be.

Initially, we have only two points that we have to pass — begin and end of our life. While we have no other points, our behaviour completely depend on what we like natively. We tend to do what we like, then learn it more and become professionals. Yes, we now have a lot of points, but they all are close to what we initially liked in the space of life as we felt it, probably, in our childhood.

Other people constantly suggest us to include their points in our path. Technologies, products… Sometimes we struggle with it, sometimes we instantly take their points. And frequently it’s a matter of how much we like the person who suggests, not subject.

This is why a presentation of any idea is so much important.

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