Best effort

The last 20 years IT world is changing from guaranties for anything to best-effort over all the stack — strong to eventual consistency, DSL -> ethernet, etc.

There are less dedicated and more shared resource usage cases across the industry. It seems like the road to hell, but it is akin evolution from turtles to animals.

Take a look, how everything is changed:

1. World of monolithic ERPs on ACID-compliant databases, logic close to data. Strong consistency everywhere. To be gone.
2. SOA world with integrated applications, logic abstract from data. Eventual consistency between big blocks.
3. Microservices with CQRS / ES. Eventual consistency between small blocks. It’s trend.

It seems like we are getting fewer guarantees from the systems, bad thing, but in fact, we are getting more reliability. Sounds strange, isn’t it?

Evolution in nature have passed the similar way from exoskeletons and giant creatures to social constructs where every single creature has fewer guarantees of surviving by itself, but the whole system becomes more flexible, adaptive and therefore reliable.

That’s where we go in IT.

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