Fun of being at Global DevOps Bootcamp

A few days ago I visited Global DevOps Bootcamp. During a registration through a meetup platform, I was quite inattentive and therefore I didn’t read the event program.

When I arrived at the event and found people watching some introductory video, I set down with them and then started to notice, that everyone has a backpack or laptop, but I was the only person with a small bag, containing my glasses, wallet and smartphone. That was becoming suspicious …

Finally, it turned out to be a hackathon! I joined to team-04 as an assistant.

Working from a smartphone, you know, also fun. And helps. I was googling a lot. Also, I found out that my experience in Azure and Azure DevOps wasn’t so bad, I could give relevant advice.

We weren’t the best team, but we got a new experience! Finally, we stumbled upon finding malicious code in dependencies in challenge 6 of 8.


Participation in hackathon doesn’t require from you extreme mental tension. It’s just fun for those, who want to learn something in gaming style.

Now I know what is Global DevOps Bootcamp and I’ll visit it next year, but that time with a laptop! 😉

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