Generalized declarative Jenkinsfile

My wisely simplified Jenkinsfile template for most of my projects looks like: Why ‘Deploy’ is so deep in levels? In a declarative pipeline, unfortunately, we can’t combine ‘when’, ‘input’ and ‘lock’ in a reasonable way (check for branch, then ask for confirmation and then lock for deploy) using less levels. What ‘Checkout’ stage is for?Continue reading “Generalized declarative Jenkinsfile”

Making a SQL Server database an Azure DevOps artifact

Why doing it? Perhaps, your project has a database-first approach. So, you need an instance of your database for debugging and testing of code. Nowadays teams can be spread over different regions, having no ability to share a single database instance (which would also be a bad practice because of dependency introduction and drift acceleration).Continue reading “Making a SQL Server database an Azure DevOps artifact”

Fun of being at Global DevOps Bootcamp

A few days ago I visited Global DevOps Bootcamp. During a registration through a meetup platform, I was quite inattentive and therefore I didn’t read the event program. When I arrived at the event and found people watching some introductory video, I set down with them and then started to notice, that everyone has aContinue reading “Fun of being at Global DevOps Bootcamp”

Setting up OpenSSH Server on Windows Server 2012 R2

I wasn’t lucky enough this week. I have OpenSSH installed on my Windows Server 2012 R2 using Desired State Configuration and Chocolatey (more about that) with the following configuration: Pretty simple, isn’t it? Too much .. after I had it installed, SSH service wasn’t there. I dug deeper into DSC resource and added the propertyContinue reading “Setting up OpenSSH Server on Windows Server 2012 R2”

What I recommend to know about DSC resources

If you started to learn Microsoft’s approach to Configuration as Code and found out what Desired State Configuration is, you probably tried to scrutinize PowerShell DSC resources code on GitHub in didn’t get it. For ones who need to know how it works and how to find out resource parameters, I recommend to read theContinue reading “What I recommend to know about DSC resources”

Bitbucket and Jenkins surprises

I did everything as told and got some experiences: Webhooks are not working (Jenkins ver. 2.164.3 and Bitbucket cloud). Instead, I had to rely on periodic ‘Scan Multibranch Pipeline Triggers’. Jenkins builds for PRs can be made using the wrong commits. The second one comes as a real surprise! I have the branch jenkins-test-3 forkedContinue reading “Bitbucket and Jenkins surprises”