Azure DevOps Service Hook actions for Jenkins CI

Configuring a service hook in Azure DevOps for Jenkins CI you have to choose an action — Trigger generic build or Trigger Git build. Which one to choose? Trigger generic build This one forces you to choose a build. For a multibranch pipeline, it would be a combination of Jenkins job and branch, like <job-name>/master.Continue reading “Azure DevOps Service Hook actions for Jenkins CI”

Jenkins CI and Azure DevOps with git and NuGet feed

I was building Jenkins pipeline last week and had to research how can I build dotnet code from Azure DevOps Git repository and use Azure DevOps NuGet feed. Despite the promise of harmony perfectness with Jenkins and Azure DevOps, there’s no connector between Jenkins and Azure DevOps Artifacts. Also, integration requires continuous maintenance because of PersonalContinue reading “Jenkins CI and Azure DevOps with git and NuGet feed”

Writing software requirements specifications

When I started in business application development, my wrong believing was that some general software requirements specification format can be applied to all kinds of business systems. My research I was looking for widely applicable standards, trying to: Generalize integrator’s specification formats, that was successfully applied to customize business systems in which integrator specializes (andContinue reading “Writing software requirements specifications”

“It works fast” vs “it has an ability to serve”

Many of developers have a strong believing — faster is better. It’s not universal truth. The fact that you can achieve faster execution in development environment under moderate workload doesn’t mean you achieve more capacity, more ability to serve users. You may be faced with: Resource contention in parallel execution. Unscalability for technology piece. HigherContinue reading ““It works fast” vs “it has an ability to serve””

Mixing WS-Federation and Windows Authentication in IIS

Imagine, you have an ASP.NET web application in IIS accessed by: / — everyone /orders — customers, authenticated with federated SSO /admin — personnel, authenticated with Active Directory How to configure this? Ugly solution For such kind of auth-mixing the internet suggests the following algorithm: In the controller of /admin, if a client is not windows authenticated thenContinue reading “Mixing WS-Federation and Windows Authentication in IIS”

IIS internals

Here I’m not about Kestrel and .NET core. It’s article about classic things — Windows, IIS and ASP.NET pools in it. I just bring it all together from different official sources, posts of respected authors and from my personal observations and scrutinizing of Microsoft code. Windows and IIS are optimized to use hardware. Keeping ofContinue reading “IIS internals”

Types of the projects

Let’s talk about the ways of classifying the projects (not very serious). 1. To earn a money There are the projects with direct impact on revenue, profit, cost. For instance, a change to a more productive technology, cutting expenses. Outcome is estimated in money. 2. To mitigate some risks These are the projects about aContinue reading “Types of the projects”