Making a SQL Server database an Azure DevOps artifact

Why doing it? Perhaps, your project has a database-first approach. So, you need an instance of your database for debugging and testing of code. Nowadays teams can be spread over different regions, having no ability to share a single database instance (which would also be a bad practice because of dependency introduction and drift acceleration).Continue reading “Making a SQL Server database an Azure DevOps artifact”

Azure DevOps Service Hook actions for Jenkins CI

Configuring a service hook in Azure DevOps for Jenkins CI you have to choose an action — Trigger generic build or Trigger Git build. Which one to choose? Trigger generic build This one forces you to choose a build. For a multibranch pipeline, it would be a combination of Jenkins job and branch, like <job-name>/master.Continue reading “Azure DevOps Service Hook actions for Jenkins CI”

Jenkins CI and Azure DevOps with git and NuGet feed

I was building Jenkins pipeline last week and had to research how can I build dotnet code from Azure DevOps Git repository and use Azure DevOps NuGet feed. Despite the promise of harmony perfectness with Jenkins and Azure DevOps, there’s no connector between Jenkins and Azure DevOps Artifacts. Also, integration requires continuous maintenance because of PersonalContinue reading “Jenkins CI and Azure DevOps with git and NuGet feed”